Bird Repellers


Technical specs:

Dedetion range (MS): Max 10 m
Efficiency area: up to 400 sqm (Max volume, "AUTO" mode)
Sound pressure: 120dB
Sound type: Recordings of Owl, Hawk, Eagle
Power supply: 220 V, 50 Hz


The nature dictates it's own rules, one of them is the natural selection. Birds of prey such as eagles, hawks hunt and feed with other species, wich are usually harmful to human activity.

Sonic BirdChaser® device, playbacks the chirrup songs of predator birds, to keep out birds as sparrows, crows, swallows, starlings and other types of birds. This ecological, human method solves the problem with birds once and for all, without harming them, or other animals. Besides, this device will help repelling the field rodents as well.